Edumartins Electrical Ltd offers a complete range of distribution transformers with reliability, durability, and efficiency required in utility, industrial, and commercial applications in accordance with the most demanding industry and international standards, compliance with important standards, just as much as the exclusive use of high-quality materials.

These are the ranges of distribution transformers we supply and install.

Transformer Supply & Maintenance

Distribution Transformer.   

 As Nigerian leading indigenous supplier of Distribution Transformer, we provide our clients with a range of transformers namely.

Power Transformers up to 800MVA, Distribution Transformers up to 15MVA


Insulation Transformer Oil.

Transformer oil formulated from highly refined naphthenic based oil for use in oil filled transformers and other electrical equipment. Transformer oil has excellent oxidation stability which limits the formation of sludge’s deposits, preventing the fluids deterioration.

Transformer oil has high dielectric strength and low dissipation factors that provide excellent insulation properties, providing improved cooling of transformer components.

Transformer oil is recommended for use in oil filled transformers, switchgear, welders and other electrical equipment as dielectric and coolant fluid.


  • Prolonged transformer life.
  • Rapid circulation
  • Thermal and oxidation stable
  • High dielectric strength

Power Transformer